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Seastreak Seastreak Ferry New Jersey/New York
Seastreak Seastreak Ferry New Jersey/New York
Seastreak Ferry New Jersey/New York and New Bedford/Martha's Vineyard
Seastreak Ferry New Bedford/Martha's Vineyard
Seastreak Ferry New Bedford/Martha's Vineyard
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FAQ's NJ/NYC to Martha's Vineyard

22. Unaccompanied Minors?

1. Where is Martha's Vineyard?

Martha's Vineyard is an island located south of Cape Cod in Massachusetts.
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2. Where do you depart from in Martha's Vineyard?

We depart from Oak Bluffs when heading to NJ or NYC.
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3. Does Seastreak provide transportation once I arrive on Martha's Vineyard?

No, but there are public transportation options. Vineyard Transit Authority (VTA), and Atlantic Cab.
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4. Do I have to pay for my ticket when I make a reservation?

Yes, pre-payment is required to secure a reservation. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.
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5. Can I purchase tickets on the boat?

Purchasing tickets in advance is highly recommended. Tickets may be purchased at the vessel on the day of travel on a first come basis, however we cannot guarantee seating and availability.
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6. Are there child rates?

Yes for children 12 and under. Regular weekends a one way is $80 and a round trip is $125, on a holiday weekend a one way is $95 and a round trip is $145.
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7. How do I obtain my tickets?

All passengers must present a valid confirmation letter along with proper identification to check in with the on duty Seastreak Representative to receive his/her tickets prior to boarding the vessel.
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8. What if I need to change or cancel my reservation?

ALL TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. Should a passenger fail to make his/her scheduled departure time, their ticket will no longer be valid, and therefore the passenger will be required to make a new reservation. Passengers who need to make changes to their reservations prior to departure will be charged a $50.00 service fee per ticket for a round trip and $25.00 for a one way.
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9. What are the ticket office hours at Oak Bluffs, MA?

The Oak Bluffs ticket office is open Monday - Friday 10:00AM until 8:00PM and Saturday - Sunday 8:30AM until 8:00PM.
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10. Is there food for sale onboard?

All Seastreak ferries have a cash bar serving spirits, beer, wine and soft drinks. Fresh food items and bagged snacks are also available for sale. You can bring your own food onboard, we just ask that you do not bring a cooler.
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11. Is the boat enclosed?

The Seastreak catamarans have three decks. The Lower Deck is all indoor, the Second Deck is half indoor, half outdoor and the Third Deck is all outdoor.
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12. Is there a special discount for seniors?

No, we do not offer a senior discount on this trip.
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13. Can we bring pets onboard?

No, unfortunately due to the length of the trip we cannot transport pets.
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14. Can we bring cars?

Seastreak ferries are passenger ferries and are not equipped to carry vehicles.
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15. Can we bring bicycles?

Bicycles are allowed, a one way is $20 and a round trip is $30.
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16. When should I plan to arrive for my departure?

We recommend arriving at least 30 minutes before your departure.
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17. Do you have restrictions on baggage?

Two bags maximum are allowed per person.
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18. Do you screen luggage?

Yes. All of our vessels and terminals have USCG approved security plans in effect. Per 33 CFR 104/105, we must ensure the implementation of security measures designed to protect the safety and security of our passengers, vessels and facilities. Per this regulation, Seastreak reserves the right to screen persons, baggage and personal effects for dangerous substances or devices. Further, entrance to Seastreak facilities and/or vessels is deemed valid consent to screening or inspection. Failure to consent or submit to screening or inspection will result in denial or revocation of authorization to enter our facilities or vessels.
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19. Can I travel from NYC and return via New Bedford or vice versa?

Yes, Seastreak offers multiple connections to and from Martha's Vineyard via New Bedford and NYC. For more information on alternate transportation please give us a call at 1-800-Boatride to speak with a Seastreak customer service representative.
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20. What happens if the ferry is delayed due to weather?

Seastreak does not guarantee the trip will take five hours as travel times may vary due to weather, tides, sea conditions, and/or other unforeseen circumstances. Seastreak at its sole and absolute discretion reserves the right to cancel any scheduled trip and/or substitute another vessel without liability if it becomes necessary for any reason. Seastreak does not guarantee that the service shall depart or arrive at the time stated in the schedule and will not be liable for any additional travel costs incurred by the passenger as a result of any cancellation or delay.
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21. What happens if the ferry service is cancelled ?

New York Departures: Ticketed passengers who have not yet departed from NY will be offered either an exchange for a ticket on a different day, a full refund, or alternative transportation via luxury motor coach to New Bedford, Massachusetts, where they will be transported to Martha's Vineyard on a Seastreak high-speed ferry. By using this option, passengers will have the convenience of returning via our fast ferry to E35th St. in NYC, or to the Conner’s ferry terminal in NJ.

Martha’s Vineyard Departures: Ticketed passengers that are on Martha's Vineyard at the time of the cancellation will be put on a Seastreak ferry which will arrive in New Bedford, MA, where they will then be transported via motor coach to Grand Central Station NYC and the Conner’s Ferry Terminal in Highlands, NJ. This alternate transportation option will be offered at the time of cancellation in exchange for their Martha's Vineyard to NYC/NJ departure ferry ticket. Passengers can also choose to use their ticket on another day (subject to availability), or may choose to return to NYC/NJ via another means of transportation and receive refund of the unused portion of their ticket (valid ticket must be presented to a ticket agent in order to qualify for this refund).

22. Unaccompanied Minors?
Seastreak reserves the right not to accept any passenger under the age of 16 years, unless accompanied by an adult.


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